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Welcome to SocialAGI

Cognitive Functions for AI Souls


socialagi is no longer actively maintained. Thank you for your support in the project. Join the Open Souls mailing list to be the first to hear about what Open Souls is creating next!

SocialAGI offers developers clean, simple, and extensible abstractions for directing the cognitive processes of large language models (LLMs), steamlining the creation of more effective and engaging AI souls.

The library provides Streamlined Context Management with new CortexStep(...). CortexStep facilitates the ordered construction of context with LLMs. It works on the principle of treating each interaction as a single step or functional transformation on working memory, offering a predictable and manageable way to guide the thought process of an LLM. This approach results in consistent, easier-to-follow interaction flows.

Getting Started with SocialAGI

You can start using SocialAGI's cognitive tools:

$ npm install socialagi

Supported LLMs

SocialAGI is primarily intended to work with OpenAI, however, it is possible to substitute in any language model through our language model executor interface.